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About NN

Greetings Beauties,
My name is Nicky Johnson and I started Naturally Nicky to encourage women on their natural hair journey, spiritually, health wise, being a fashionista on a budget, and to celebrate women period.  Women are uniquely designed by God! Women are nurturers by nature and now is the time for us to nurture ourselves by taking care of our mind, body,and soul.  My main goal is to encourage women to love themselves from the crown of their head to the soles of their feet. If we do not love ourselves then how can we love others so now is the time for women to be FREE to love who they were created to be. The transformation takes place on the inside first!!! Once we get rid of  the stinking thinking about ourselves and life itself then we began to see positive changes. One of the first things we MUST begin to get rid of is toxic people, places and things so we can move forward and begin a beautiful journey.
If you would like to have your story featured on Naturally Nicky, or you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email me. Please send inquiries to info@naturallynicky.com.

Happy Reading,

Naturally Nicky