Why write about beauty

Beauty is a concept of appreciating something and seeing something that gives a pleasurable feeling. For me, I think that we should strive to share beauty whenever we see it and whenever we find it, especially in subjects where we least expect it. People are always eager to share and Write for us beauty in their own standards, as this concept is different. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder which is why I think that it is appropriate to write about beauty when we see fit. Writing about beauty puts us in a place wherein we are appreciative of something, and when we are in this state, our creativity is set to be more open and more dynamic.

When we are writing about something that we deem as beautiful, naturally, we are more inspired and more hyped to write about our chosen topic. When we write, we are able to expand our modes of personal expression and we are able to open up our minds toward sharing our own essence. When I read my past works, it reminds me why was writing important, because I can see that I have grown and have become an even better writer.

Why I write about beauty is important because I see the wonder hiding in the topic waiting to be discovered. When we write about beauty, we can see the hidden value that is hidden in each art piece. Writing about beauty expands our perspective about the topic we are writing about. It gives us an opportunity to see things that we might now have noticed at first sight. However, as we continue to write about an object’s beauty, we are increasing its innate worth as we ourselves are the one giving value to the thing that we are appreciating the beauty of.

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